Star Captain

Harkening back to the days of Star Control II with this nostalgically inspired game that takes inspiration from the good ol' days of gaming.

Alpha / Prototype

Star captain (alpha) focuses on arcade style ship to ship combat, where you can match up against the AI or a multi-player opponent.

We have designed dozens of ship models, and dozens of weapons and FX, that can all be applied in very interesting ways to create some truly unique (and even unexpected) combat armaments.

Later stages of the game will have a refined and polished ship & weapon customization system - but in developer testing, the sky is the limit and some truly whacky and wild weapon systems are possible.

Future Development - Outline

We have already begun work on a universe (procedural generation) system. Which will allow players to progress through a single-player campaign storyline that will tell a grand space-faring tale - which will challenge the player with alien diplomacy, resource mining, exploration and when all else fails (or just for the fun of it) space ship and ground based battles!

Gameplay Trailer Demo

Soundtrack - Alien Races

Alien Concept Art

Ship Design & 3D Renderings

Environment Concept Art

Soundtrack - Planets

Soundtrack - Microthemes